Gaited Morgan Horses

Current Gaited Morgan Horses and non gaited Morgans trace back to 19th Century as a mixture of Morgan, Saddlebred, Thoroughbred and Standardbred stock. Gaited Morgans are the result of 19th Century breeders producing some horses with unintended gaits beyond the walk/trot/canter. Gait Origins

SynchroGait Gene A

The SynchroGait Gene A study/DNA test proved gait is inherited from previous generations.Research Related to SynchoGait The Morgan is not overall a gaited breed, but during the SynchroGait Gene A testing a random sample of UC Davis DNA Morgans showed 20% carried the Gait Gene A.SynchroGait–Morgan Horses There is conjecture as to the source of this gait and which families or lines might be the source. Each new SynchroGait Gene A DNA test by Morgan owners/breeders seems to indicate “Gait” can be found across the Morgan breeding lines.

Information reviewing results of further SynchroGait investigation in Icelandic horse breed. The effect of the “Gait Keeper” mutation in the DMRT3 gene on gaiting ability in Icelandic horses

A Learning Place About “Gait”

The study of gait is not something you can master in one setting. There are many parts riding, training and care for gaited horse. This website will cover these various items through Gait Identification Then providing articles by noted clinicians Articles and the use of videos for those who are more visual oriented. Videos Each of these areas have drop down menus for detailed explanations.