Fox Trot/Trot

Fox Trot

The diagonal hooves lift off from the ground, but the front sits down noticeably before the hind of the same diagonal pair. The sound is an uneven 1-2—3-4 beat. The horse nods his head and neck in time with the motion of shoulders and hind legs. The hind quarters will bob up and down. It will look like a long reaching leg movement in the front and a higher quicker step in the rear. The rider feels a front to back motion in the saddle. You may feel moving up and down in the hind quarters. Some Gaited Morgans perform this gait.


The diagonal hooves lift off from and hit the ground at the same time. The sound is a 1-2 beat. Horse does not nod his head. The whole body lifts and falls, but the hind quarters remain steady. The hind hoof will track on the front of the same side. It can range from the feel of the jog to the teeth jarring impact. Gaited Morgans might perform the trot gait.