Pace/Stepping Pace



The lateral hooves lift off and set down at the same time. The sound is a 1-2 beat. Horse will swing the neck and head from side to side away from the advancing foreleg. The hindquarters will swing from side to side. The whole body will appear to rise and fall. The rider will bounce from side to side with the lateral legs sitting down. This is not a desired gait in Gaited Morgans.

Stepping Pace

The lateral hooves do not set down at the same. They appear to take off together, but the hind hoof sits down before the front on the same lateral side. The sound will be an uneven 1-2—3-4. There is a slight side to side movement of the rider. This is another of the gaits common in Gaited Morgans.

Click Hereto see Mary Mels Maestro performing the stepping pace.